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Boost your direct bookings with Performance Marketing

Introducing an intelligent, risk-free service that drives direct bookings - only pay when guests stay.

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Web Connection offers hotels a risk-free and low-cost way of getting more travellers to book direct on their website.

The Performance Marketing service enables hotels to run continuous digital marketing campaigns without any upfront costs that specifically target travellers who have an interest in visiting their destination and type of hotel. 

This unique service is made possible through multi-channel online marketing campaigns that engage with frequent travellers and build brand awareness. Targeted adverts drive visitors to the hotel’s website to book direct, resulting in low cost acquisition with less hassle compared to other channels. 

The timing of the adverts couldn’t be better, raising awareness of your hotel just as the consumer is ready to book. But unlike pay-per-click adverts, the hotel only pays when the guest actually makes a booking and stays at the hotel. A backend system allows hotels to monitor all of the bookings which arise as a result of this service.

The Performance Marketing service is very good at attracting first-time guests, opening the hotel up to brand new markets and destinations. And because the guest books direct, they are highly likely to make a direct booking when they return making the cost of future booking very low. 

There is no risk, however this service will benefit certain hotels more than others. For a no obligation consultation contact


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