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What your hotel needs to know about mobile bookings in 2018

The latest research reveals that one third of guests now use a mobile to book a hotel room. In this article we share some of the highlight statistics from Travel Flash Report by Criteo, and offer hotel’s advice to increase mobile bookings.

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Here is a brief roundup of the main findings from the Travel Flash Report by Criteo:

  • 45% of mobile bookings are via OTAs
    OTAs are doing very well compared to hotels who only see 16% of bookings via mobile.
    Over the past year mobile bookings from OTAs has increased 61% while hotels only seen an 11% increase.
  • Asia and Middle East get more mobile bookings
    Figures show that in Asia between 45% and 49% of booking are made from a mobile and in Middle East its as high as 53% compared to just 28% in North America and 33% in Europe.
  • Finding the best deal
    Google research reveals that only 23% of travellers are confident they will get the same deal on a mobile compared to a desktop.
  • Conversion rates
    Conversion rates for the travel industry are higher on a desktop than mobile according to Smart Insights. This can be explained by shorter bursts of research activity on a mobile followed up by using the desktop to book once already well-informed.
  • Apps drive higher conversions
    Apps experience 5 times higher conversion rates than mobile. This is probably due to the fact that Apps are streamlined and easy to use. Buyer intent is also higher as consumers have to go out of their way to download the app.

Tips for your hotel to get more mobile bookings

We can take away some tips from the above research and offer some advice for your hotel to increase mobile bookings.

  • Reassure users
    Give your guests confidence that they are getting the best deals, we suggest using a best price guarantee, or penalty-free cancellation policy. Also provide the most up to date information by researching what your target audience are searching for on a mobile and make that information easily available.
  • Easy booking experience
    Use a hotel booking engine that offers a seamless and simple booking process. Ensure that forms are easy to complete on a mobile device and check that page loading speed is acceptable, as this can often deter users.
  • Attract visitors from mobile savvy markets
    The research reveals that Asian travellers, especially Chinese travellers are more likely to book on a mobile, so don’t miss out on this lucrative market. Ensure your mobile is optimized to give users a great mobile experience.

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