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New direct booking service

New DBMA service – guiding hotels to achieve their potential

Working with Online Travel Agents (OTAs) has many advantages, they provide a very easy and convenient way to achieve more hotel bookings. Of course, there is a cost for this service, but what if hotels could create a balance and maximise their opportunities working with OTAs?

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By increasing direct bookings, hotels have more control over their inventory and can save valuable money on their bottom line. This sounds very simple, but to do it effectively, hotels need to use the right tools and employ the latest marketing techniques that give them an edge in the marketplace.

An issue that many independent hoteliers are facing today is that the digital marketing industry is changing so quickly and they are unaware of the tools available that can boost their direct bookings.

Knowing about the products is one thing, but without the expertise of how to use these effectively and to the fullest advantage, it can be difficult to achieve the balance required to make a difference.

This is where Web Connection can help. The hotel digital marketing agency has a collaborative solution for hotels that increases direct bookings and boosts revenue. By utilising the right tools and with guidance from Web Connection, hotels can optimise their existing potential and lower the cost of booking acquisition.

The Direct Booking Management Associate (DBMA) service combines a special package of products and services that will take hotels to the next level. Web Connection shares the latest marketing tools and software capabilities that will benefit their business in the short and long term. 

Improve the balance of OTA business, become visible on metasearch results and use online booking platforms to your best advantage. Reach out to new customers who are ready to book. Encourage and reward returning guests. These are just a few of the benefits of the DBMA service.

Hotels are assigned an associate who will be on hand to advise, allowing hotel staff to instill the knowledge that will help to move their business forward. 

If you are interested to find out more about the DBMA service from Web Connection, contact for a free consultation.  


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