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A quick how-to-guide on hotel blogging

At Web Connection we encourage our hotel clients to include a blog on their website, it is not only a very informative section for travellers, it also helps with SEO.

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A regularly maintained blog with quality and original content can help your hotel gain a better position on search engine rankings. And let’s be honest, it is getting even more difficult to get noticed with so many hotels and OTAs competing for the top spots.

By sharing information that is useful about your hotel and destination, such as posts about local attractions, events, festivals, local businesses, culture, people, cuisine and language, Google will rank your hotel higher in relevant search results.

Tips for writing a successful hotel blog:

1. Avoid keyword stuffing
Google used to give preference to content that was packed with keywords, however this is no longer the case. Google’s Panda algorithm was released in 2011 and began penalizing for keyword stuffing, and giving priority to original and quality content.

2. Keep it personal
Know who your guests are and write in a tone that appeals to them, rather than try to copy another style or try to appeal to the masses. Be original and authentic and use language that you would use when engaging with a guest face-to-face at your property. Give genuine advice on where to go and what to do, just as you would to your guests.

3. Low maintenance content
Choose topics that are of interest all-year-round that will be useful and relevant in the future. This type of blog may need adjusting from time to time to keep it up to date, but generally requires very little maintenance. Consider what information travellers are seeking before arriving at your destination the questions that you can answer in a blog post.

4. Insert links
Where relevant include links to websites that offer additional information that will be useful to the reader. If possible, let the business or person know that you have a link to their site and try to get a reciprocal link back to yours. This will give your blog greater importance on Google search engines and greater exposure.

5. Tell the world about your post
Once your well-written and informative blog post is live, shout about it! Create awareness through your social media channels, newsletter or marketing emails. You can also consider working with local influencers to share your content and actively engage with anyone that comments to give your post even more of a push!

By creating a quality blog that offers useful information, it will attract more attention on search engines and in turn attract more visitors to your website.

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