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SEO basics for your hotel website

Today’s digital world has brought a whole new set of challenges for hoteliers, in particular with the emergence of powerful online travel agents that take high commissions for bookings. But there are tactics that independent hotels can employ that help to balance the scales and increase direct bookings, this is how search engine optimization or SEO can help.

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By following SEO best practice hotel websites can rank higher on search engines and attract qualified visitors that are more likely to convert into guests. SEO enables hotels to differentiate themselves online from competitors by using strategic keywords and search terms and by developing high quality links.

However SEO will not bring overnight success and is not a simple solution, it takes time and effort but the rewards are certainly worth it. Below we highlight some of the common problems that hotels need to resolve to improve their chances of SEO success.

Non-responsive websites
SEO will not work if you don’t have some basic pre-requisites such as a responsive website. Google’s algorithm gives preference to mobile friendly websites when compiling search results, so without a responsive website, SEO efforts are wasted.

Duplicate pages
If your hotel website has a content management system, be sure to create unique content for each page. It is easy to duplicate text especially for room descriptions – however this is a major problem for search engines who are looking for completely original content.

Complicated language
Hotels should avoid using language that is too complex on their website and ensure there are common terms included that people use to search. Having fancy words may give the impression of a more upscale hotel and experience, but this can be detrimental for SEO.

Keep up to date
Search engines are constantly changing the way they rank websites, and the SEO tactics used two years ago may be detrimental to your website today. By using a service provider that has the knowledge and experience to improve website ranking, you are more likely to benefit from this ongoing business practice.

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