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Social media tips for hotels

It looks as though social media is here to stay, according to Singapore based We Are Social there was a 14% growth in active social media users in Asia-Pacific in 2015, and in this article we give tips on how your hotel can take advantage of this fast growing digital channel.

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Social media is an ideal platform for hoteliers to market their property and effectively communicate with their target audience. Hotels of all sizes can leverage social media to build their brand image and increase loyalty.

Independent hotels especially can distinguish themselves from their competitors through the various social media channels and guests often use social media as a reference when making their decision to stay in a hotel.

The potential is certainly there so how do you get started? Here are a few ideas and tips for how your hotel can use social media effectively.

Solid Strategy
As true marketers will appreciate, social media is a channel to communicate a message and in order to formulate that message a business needs a solid marketing strategy. What you communicate on social media needs to be in-line with your business strategy and goals and also compliment your other marketing activities.

Winning Words
The key with content is to deliver your message in a consistent tone which relates to your guests. Try and be personal and original and use humour to lighten the mood! The nature of social media means that attention spans are short, so keep it brief even on Facebook where the post characters are not limited. Research suggests 40 characters posts are all you need.

Visual Impact
Posts with images and videos are more engaging than those with just text, so it is vital to start your campaign with plenty of up-to-date and compelling images of your property. Videos on social media is a growing trend, according to report by CISCO by 2019 video will account for 80% of global internet traffic! Videos only need to be short, around 30-45 seconds is optimal for viewing and sharing.

Promote Your Location
Travellers decide on their destination first and then explore options for a place to stay, so don’t limit your posts to only promoting your hotel and its activities. Give guests an insight into the local area, show them places, people and events around your hotel and mention local businesses in your posts with “#” and “@” signs to build a local community of followers.

Integrated Solutions
Where possible integrate your various sales tools with social media, Kevin Rautenbach, business development director at Web Connection suggests the integration of your hotels booking engine into your Facebook fan page, allowing the potential viewer to have a greater deal of interaction with your hotel, allowing them to search rates, availability and book, directly from your fan page.

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