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Tips for selecting the best Internet booking engine

What drives your hotel’s decision to choose a booking engine? For many it is all about the price, which can seem like the best option. But what are the long-term impacts of this decision? In this article we explore how the cheapest booking engine could result in lower revenue and cause lasting damage to your business.

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Shifting the balance from OTAs to direct bookings

Travellers are drawn to OTA’s because their websites are so user friendly and it is very easy to search hotels and make a booking. So in order to draw guests away from this familiar and secure world, your hotel Internet booking engine needs to give them more.

When considering your choice of booking engine ask yourself, will it increase my direct business? If it won’t, then it is not the right booking engine for your hotel.

Whether your booking engine charges a flat monthly fee or a commission on each booking, it is worth running a quick conversion analysis to see the lasting impact on your ROI. Compare the change in the share of bookings from OTA to direct, shifting 5% and 10% and you will see the potential increase in revenue.

Not all booking engines are the same

Don’t always assume that you are saving money by opting for the booking engine with a lowest commission rate.

Booking Engine A may cost less per booking than Booking Engine B, but if it doesn’t perform well, your guests will not want to book direct and it will be very difficult to increase direct bookings which can be detrimental to your business.

If Booking Engine B shifts more bookings from OTAs to the hotel’s direct revenue channel it is worth it the extra cost per booking. Your choice of booking engine should be the one that gives you a greater shift towards booking direct, as this will generate higher revenue.

Booking engine features to look for

If you are faced with the decision of which booking engine to choose, we recommend looking for the following features that will help you to drive conversions and higher revenues:

• Complete control over rates and inventory
• Seamless integration with hotel website
• Fast and simple booking process
• Urgency messages
• Upselling opportunities
• Supporting local payment gateways
• Multiple languages
• Multiple currencies

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